Top 8 Bear Hunting Dog Breeds

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Bear hunting with dog breeds has been a well established tradition passed down through generations.  Despite the developments in modern weaponry, which undoubtedly make the venture safer than it was in the days of flintlocks, there’s something comforting about having a strong comrade by your side when taking on one of the most dangerous animals on the earth. Imagine yourself out in the wilderness, a devoted beast by your side, the wind whispering through the trees.

But let’s be clear: attempting to take a Chihuahua bear hunting is not only ill-advised, but also a downright terrible idea.You need a dog breed for the task, one that embodies the spirit of the hunt and possesses the instincts required to track and confront these great monsters.

So, bear hunting dog breeds need to possess courage and an unwavering determination in their pursuit, navigating through treacherous and rugged terrain.

Beyond their hunting prowess, these dogs also make exceptional companions as pets, offering companionship and loyalty that improves people’s lives in countless ways.



a plott dog standing in the fie;d.

The Plott is the top bear hunting dog breeds. People love them for one big reason grit. Plotts are tough dogs, the toughest for chasing bears. That’s what Plott owners swear by.

Eugene Walker, a 77-year-old who’s chased bears since he was 6, knows it well. Go for a Plott if you want a dog that is tough and never gives up,” he says. Other dogs? They’re like blisters, showing up late. Some just bark from the sidelines.

But a Plott? It’s like a linebacker, ready for action. When you’re after a tough bear, you need grit, and that’s what a Plott brings.”

Alaskan Malamute


a alaskan malamute dog standing in the green gress field.

They’re the real deal for bear hunting dog breeds. Originally, they were bred to work hard in Alaska. Tough, loyal, and strong—that’s what they’re all about.

With their thick fur and sturdy bodies, these dogs can handle the toughest winter weather.  Loyalty? They’ve got it in spades. That’s the Alaskan Malamute for you.

Caucasian Shepherd


a caucasain shepherd dog is standing on a snowy field .

Russians know bears like no one else, so it’s no surprise they bred a huge bear-hunting dog. The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is massive, with long hair and can weigh over 200 pounds.

It’s bred to guard sheep and homes, and yes, to hunt bears. Despite its size, it’s friendly with family but fierce against other predators.

These big dogs are gentle and friendly with their human family. That’s why they’re great guard dogs and beloved pets. Plus, they’re strong and skilled at work and hunting.

Tibetan Mastiff


a tibetan mastiff dog sleeping in the floor .

Tibetan Mastiffs, the heroes of bear hunting for ages. These big, strong dogs come with a furry shield to brave the cold and bear claws. But it’s not just their size and coat that make them stand out. Courage and loyalty run deep in their veins.

Now, they’re not the type to chase bears up a tree – that’s a job for sight hounds. These Mastiffs have a different role they’re like the cheerleaders, baying at bears and hassling them until they back off. And it’s not just about bears these dogs can also stand guard, keeping hunters safe from any surprise bear visits.

Chongqing Dog


a chaongqing dog standing in the field .

The Chongqing Dog comes from ancient China, specifically Chongqing. It’s a big, strong breed used for hunting and guarding. People like it because it’s brave, strong, and loyal.

It’s descended from the Tugou dogs, which were good at hunting and guarding, so it’s good at tracking prey and has sharp instincts.

The Chongqing Dog isn’t afraid of facing tough animals like bears. Its deep bark helps hunters follow it on the hunt. It’s smart and obedient too, even during intense hunts.

Today, people value them as brave guardians, just like their Tugou ancestors. That’s why they’re still great for hunting, especially big animals like bears.

Karelian Bear


a karelian dog standing on snowy field .

The Karelian bear hunting dog is a Finnish native breeds, believed to have ancient roots from Neolithic times. Used for hunting big game, like bears, for centuries by the folks in Finland.

Nowadays, it’s gaining popularity in North America, working in roles like hunting, search and rescue, and tracking.

This medium-sized breed stands 21 to 24 inches tall for males and 19 to 22 inches for females. They have a thick black coat with white markings, keeping them warm in cold weather and safe from sharp stuff while hunting.

Karelian bear dogs are known for being fearless, determined, and agile. They learn fast and love to work. Plus, they’re loyal and affectionate with their families, making them awesome pets.

English Coonhound


a english coonhound dog standing in the field also human hand on her mouth.

The English coonhound, also known as redtick, is a hit with coon and bear hunters alike. They’ve got a keen nose for tracking and treeing game of all sorts. Bob Olson, a bear dog breeder from Utah, usually favors Plotts, but he admits redticks can hold their own.

According to Olson, redticks are specially bred for bear hunting, with traits that get bears up trees, plus the speed their bluetick cousins lack.

Mostly, redticks are friendly and sociable, but their strong will that helps in the field can make training a bit tricky. Sometimes, they can be stubborn, needing more patience compared to other breeds.

While their focused nature is great for getting work done on the trail, it might mean tuning out everything else, including their handler’s commands.



a Bloodhound slpeeing in the floor .

Bloodhounds are top-notch for bear hunting dog breed because they have an amazing sense of smell and tracking skills. Their loose, wrinkled skin helps trap scents around their face and neck, and they never give up on a trail.

Even through water and thick bushes, they keep going with impressive stamina. In a bear hunt, Bloodhounds find fresh tracks, chase the bear, and signal to hunters when they’ve cornered it with their distinctive bay.

Their focus and determination in tracking keep bears on the move, even if the bear tries to confuse them. With their great sense of smell and tracking skills, Bloodhounds are top dogs for hunting bears.



Bear hunting dogs are incredible creatures with lots of talents. They’re not just for tracking bears they can also be wonderful pets and great with kids.

What really stands out about these dogs is how brave they are, how they never give up, and how tough they are even in tough situations. If you want a fun and protective pet, one of these hunting dogs might be perfect for you.

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