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Don’t ever think you will buy a dog, and it will behave according you want without training. Even, when you will go for a leash walk, it won’t walk as you want. It can go crazy to explore the world. Consequently, it will start pulling your leash hard. 

This behavior can ruin your morning walk. Moreover, you can’t go with your pet anywhere. Because it will seem awkward, especially in a public place where your dog is constantly pulling your hand and you are struggling to handle it. 

Now, without proper training, aggression control (toward another dog), toileting in a specific place is a long way off. 

No matter what breed of dog you choose as your pet, if you want to make your dog a good family dog, you will need to provied essential training for new dog. 

In this article, I will introduce the basic and essential training for your dog to make it a perfect family dog.

Why Socialize training is important


Socialization is a process for your pet to feel comfortable around new dogs, people, public places, and various types of animals. 

Socialized dogs are less likely to develop territorial and aggressive behavior, Socialization also helps to make a confident, friendly, and calm dog.

The first three months are the best time for your Puppy’s socialization. Because during this period, they are very curious and don’t have any previous bad experiences with other humans and dogs. 

Many people think that socializing an adult dog is difficult. But the truth is obviously, you can socialize your adult dog. You just have to try a little bit harder to socialize your adult dog than a small puppy.

I am giving you some key clues that your dog needs socialization.

  • Aggressive toward other dogs or people.
  • When you take it out for a walk or any other reason, it becomes extremely exciting.
  • They feel uncomfortable and nervous around other people and dogs. 


The most important training for your dog is toilet training


Unless you plan to keep your dog outdoors (we strongly advise keeping your pet indoors.), the most important training for your dog is potty(toilet) training. 

Even if you think about it, you have to clean your dog’s mess (facies-urine) several times a day, hundred times a week, multiple thousand times in a year, you will become fatigued and nausea. 

Additionally, you won’t be able to visit a public place or a relative’s house comfortably since in the back of your mind you will be concerned about a potential accident.

In fact, the most common reason for a dog to lose its home and become a stray dog is to make the house dirty by urination and feces anywhere. 

This fault’s liability goes to the owner. Because they don’t give proper potty training to their dog. 

So in general, you can feel that toilet training is the most important essential training for new dogs.

Besides, there are many benefits of potty training for you and your dog. 

  1. Potty training increases understanding between you and your dog. 
  2. Toilet training Reduce your stress, because you don’t have to clean your pet’s feces and urine numerous times a day.
  3. You don’t have to worry about a potential accident in public or in your relative’s house.
  4. Practice of toilet training for your dog is not only beneficial to the health of your family but also ensures a healthier environment for your dog.

Note: You can also use a dog crate for potty training. But don’t confine your dog in a crate during the daytime. It will have a bad effect on your dog’s mental health. You can find a comprehensive guide on how to give crate training to your dog on our website. 

Why you should teach your dog leash walking


As I said above, dogs do not have an innate ability to walk on a leash. You have to teach your dog how to walk on a leash. Leash walking is also an important life skill for a family dog. I am giving you some facts, about why you should give leash training to your dog. 

  • In many public places, it is obligatory to keep your dog on a leash. Besides, a leash makes it easier to take your dog in public places. 
  • A leash increases your control over your dog and will help you to handle any unwanted condition.
  • A leash walk exposes your dog to various sights, sounds, dogs, humans, etc. It contributes to socializing your puppy. 
  • A leash walk is a good exercise and mental stimulation for your dog. Which has a positive effect on your dog’s health and mood.

Boy and A dog waiting for crosses road.

Sit, lay down, and stay is also effective for making your life easier


As time passes, you will find that sit, lay down, and stay training is necessary for you to better control your dog.

For example, when you are crossing a busy road and waiting for pedestrians’ signals, a calm sitting dog will help you to ensure your dog’s safety and better control.

When you are in a cafeteria with your pet, a stay training would be very helpful. 

Laydown training can be very helpful during nail cutting and brushing dog hair.

I can give many more real-life examples of how sit, lay down, and stay training can be helpful for a dog owner. But to keep this content short, I am not heading in that direction.

Proofing Behaviors


Most dog owners face some kind of behavior issue during a dog life span, from petty issues like pulling the leash to serious issues like aggression toward other humans or dogs. 

Behavior proofing is the final training step for a dog. 

All kinds of behavioral issues can be resolved by proper training

So, if you face any kind of behavioral problem of your dog, you can easily solve that problem with proper training.

To ensure a long-lasting bond between you and your dog, you must give essential training for your new dog. It is normal that a new dog won’t know your house rules like a new kid.  

Alike a kid, you have to teach your new companion your house rules. Through patience and dedicated time for your dog, you can have a perfect family dog.


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