Small Pets

Most small pets keep themselves nice and clean, are easy to groom and they can be perfect if you live in a small house or flat. As they can be simpler to care for than other pets such as cats and dogs, small animals are ideal for new pet owners.

10 Giant Dog Breeds (with Pictures)

For those who love their dogs big and burly, giant breeds hold a special charm. These gentle giants are not just impressive in size, but also possess unique personalities and

Brittany Dog Breed: Characteristics, Care & Facts

Britany (formally known as Brittany spaniel) is a great hunting dog, they can accompany you and retrieve your hunted bird all day long. Due to their strong nose, they can find

How to Introduce A New Dog?

Introducing a new dog to your resident dog in your family is a big adventure, especially when you already have a dog at home. It's like creating a team of