Are Pet Rats Good Pets? Pros and Cons Explained

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Rats are not the usual choice for pets, but they can be very friendly and fun. But like any pet, they have pros and cons. Let’s talk about these to help you see if a rat is the right pet for you.

The Pros of Having Rats as Pets


Rats are extremely clever animals. They possess powerful powers of reason, can take orders, work through mazes and even recognize their names as a pet that is fascinating and interactive.


Rats usually live socially and they can form strong bonds with human companions, hence the need for their presence around them for emotional needs and mental growth.

Low Maintenance

Rats are considered low-maintenance pets. They require less grooming than many pets and can be comfortably housed in a clean, spacious cage. Their diet is simple, consisting of commercial rat food and fresh fruits and vegetables. However, they do need daily interaction and regular health checks.


Rats are pets that love to show affection. They become very close to their owners, like to be cuddled, and enjoy playing together. This shows how friendly and social they are.

Good with Children

For children, rats can be a nice pet. This is because they are docile, friendly and can bond well with their little owners. Still, adult supervision should be advised so that the right way of handling and caring of them is done.

The Cons of Keeping Rats as Pets

Short Lifespan

The fact that rats do not live long is a disadvantage to having them as pets. Rats tend to have short lifespans, normally 2 to 3 years, which is very sad for owners who develop strong bonds with their pets.

Health Issues

Health issues that rats are prone to include respiratory infections and tumors. To detect and deal with potential problems before they worsen, a rat should be checked by a vet on a regular basis.

A Nocturnal Animal

Rats are nocturnal animals, meaning they are most active during the night. This can sometimes be a challenge for owners who are not used to pets with nocturnal habits.


Rats or their bedding can instigate reactions in certain people. These may cause sneezing, itching and or simulate asthma. This is something that should be considered when thinking about taking on a rat as a pet.

Poor Potty Habits

Rats, like many small pets, can have poor potty habits. While they can be trained to some extent, expect occasional accidents outside the designated areas in their cage.

Housing Requirements

The rats must have a spacious and well-ventilated cage. This cage needs to be big enough so that there are separate sleeping, eating, and toilet areas. Additionally, there should be many tunnels, toys, and climbing things for fun activities and exercise. Their comfort requires some sort of soft bedding; for example, torn paper or wood shavings can be used. It must always be cleaned in order to prevent it from getting smelly or unhygienic. Avoid using cages with wire bottoms because they can wound a rat’s paws. 

Ensure that the cage is located away from direct sun and wind, quiet place with moderate room temperature as suitable environment for your rat’s home. Rats need the right kind of home to stay healthy and happy.


The friendly and curious nature of the rats makes them very sociable animals that love to interact with their human friends and other rats. Generally, they are gentle creatures who rarely show aggression, meaning that even families with children can own them safely. In addition, they can be playful at times exploring their environment. It is interesting having these smart and loving animals as pets.

Care Requirements

To take care of a rat, make sure that it lives in a clean, large cage with many toys for playing. Feed them with commercial food for rats plus fresh fruits and vegetables. Rats should interact daily to encourage their social behavior as well as they should be allowed to go out the cage on a regular basis for workouts purposes. Additionally, it is crucial to ensure your pet’s health is checked frequently so that any potential problems will be handled in good time. Rat care assures you of its perfect health and satisfaction throughout its lifetime.

Time Commitment

Owners of rats must spend a significant amount of their time with these animals. Social by nature, they require daily contact and stimulation. These activities include fun, education, and general relations in society. Exercise outside their cells on a regular basis is also important for the physical welfare of rats. Moreover, to keep it clean, their homes need frequent scrubbing. Lastly, your rat will be healthy if it has routine examinations at home or from a doctor. This requires consideration before you decide to own one.

Are Rats the Perfect Pet for You?

We have discussed the pros and cons of Rats as pets in the foregoing. People usually think that rats are bad creatures because they sleep during the day, die young and play with their owners constantly. In this case, pet rats will be great for You if you can do away with their Cons such as staying up at night, having a short life span and playing around all day. They are also smart, sociable and friendly in nature which makes them afford anyone a lot of happiness. 

However, these Disadvantages cost too much effort so it’s prudent to think about other animals for pets . Consequently, you should choose what is good for You and your animal(s).

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