13 Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet Bird

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Have you ever considered welcoming a feathered friend into your life? Birds are rewarding companions, bringing joy with playful antics, dazzling colours. They may talk impressively too. Before falling for a bird at the store, think about important considerations ahead.

Owning a bird isn’t just about weekend cuddles and the occasional seed change. These intelligent creatures have specific needs that go beyond a pretty cage. Consider the social needs and commitment before adding a talkative bird at home.



Feeding your bird every day is important. Each bird type needs different food. To keep your bird healthy and happy, it’s essential to give them a mix of seeds, pellets, fruits, and veggies. Also monitoring water intake and other eating stuff varies from bird to bird.

Cage Size


Birds CageThink of the cage as your bird’s castle. The cage should be large so your bird can stretch its wings and have room to play with perches and toys for fun. It also depends on how much you have space in your house .

Noise Level


 Birds are known for their melodious chirps, but some species can be quite vocal. Consider if you can handle the noise. Living situation might be a factor.

Life Span


Bringing a bird into your life means taking care of it for many years. Are you ready for a long-term relationship filled with love and companionship? Some may last up to 8 years and also 2 years so make up your mind or you will cry tears of sea .



You know some birds can be dangerous when they are isolated. Birds are social creatures and require daily interaction and mental stimulation. Can you dedicate enough time each day to bond with your feathered friend? If you are busy with your work and have no family members around to take care of, birds are not the ideal pet for you mate. I am sorry.



Let’s face it—birds can be messy! Be ready to clean up after birds as they scatter food and preen feathers to keep your living space tidy. Even some birds smell bad and their stool cleaning is very time consuming . 

Air Quality


If you are an avid smoker or live in a dust polluted area . It is not very ideal to pet a bird after all .Birds have delicate lungs, so it’s crucial to keep the air clean around them. Avoid exposing them to smoke, strong fumes, or chemicals.

Bird Proofing


Bird Proof your home to keep your new bird safe. Be careful with open windows and harmful plants. Take the time to bird proof your space to keep them safe and secure.



Just like any other pet, birds need regular check-ups and medical care. Find a reputable avian vet in your area before bringing your feathered friend home. Many vets do not treat birds , so make sure to check up at your local vet clinic . 



Owning a bird can cost money for things like setting up and buying food and medicine. Be ready for the expenses. Make sure you’re prepared for the costs associated with their care. Not just food but taking care and ensuring safety and other products for pets.

Type of Birds


Types of Birds imageEach bird has different personalities, needs for care, and noise levels. Research various breeds to find the perfect match for your lifestyle and preferences. Many birds require more care than others. Which is a huge factor for choosing a pet. As an example large parrots are not suitable around childrens.



Consider how your new bird will interact with other pets in the household. Introduce them gradually and supervise their interactions to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being. Many birds may bite . And also not safe around childrens. Consider this safety procedure before choosing . 

Other Pets


Other pets should get along with birds to avoid any problems. Some dogs and cats may see birds as prey, so careful supervision is key. Yup birds are very danger prone to other pets in the house.

Welcoming a pet bird at home brings joy and companionship. Consider these key points before, to have a happy friendship with your pet bird. Spread your wings and open your heart. Start this joyful journey with confidence. Happy bird-keeping!

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