Me and My Cute Little Cockatiel

The fact that a cockatiel has initiated so much joy and gladness in my life, I feel it’s super important to mention some of the character traits of my bird which really started me loving it. Believe it or not, a slight incident with a bird as small as a fledgling can upset the routine i have until today. I got my cockatiel, Cookie a year ago. He is my first pet. At the very beginning, my feelings were mixed between sweet apprehension and fear. I’m not a pet owner who have so small and sensitive ones. Providing them with proper care and special treatment is my responsibility. Whereas Parrot was giving me some very mixed feelings, the moment Cookie came at our feet I took it to my heart, as to me he was the embodiment of sweet nature and playful behavior.


Every morning, Cookie sends me the wakeup call together with his cheery chirping sounds. There is not a day that I will not laugh out loud when I hear him echo above in his cage. I guarantee that he eats fresh foods and drinks water before I start my work, likewise, I always spent a couple of minutes visiting with him. Cookie, our little pet parrot, enjoys whistling in return whenever I do so. She also demonstrates her ability to repeat the words I say. What I like to do best with Cookie is when his wings get spread in the air while he listens to the silence of the birds and the wind. He flies all around my flat and looks intently at every part of it, as if inspecting it for secrets. But more often now he just lands on my shoulder occasionally and I feel a cozy presence near my ear. It is like a very adorable feeling to have Cookie trusting no one other than me to hold him.


The fact that I have lived with Cookie has really shown me the essence of being responsible and compassionate. Through taking care of this one kitten I have learned how to accommodate animals’ needs, and, at the same time, to become a patient and gentle person towards him. When I am heavily negative, he has a way to brighten up my mood with his silly tricks and pleasant ‘chir Pitt’. I feel so lucky to have known him, and I imagine we have created a lot of these memories, but that’s not the point, it is to create new ones and I look forward to many more years.

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