10 Things that Dogs Enjoy

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For a thousand-year, dogs are man’s best friend. They give their owner unconditional love. Whereas, not every owner fulfills their dog’s physical and mental needs. 

Many dog owners think a routine diet and occasional head rub is all that could make a dog happy. In reality that is nothing more than a hypothesis.

But I know you are not amongst them. You are fulfilling your company’s physical demand and now wondering what could make your pet more cheerful. That’s why you have Googled and reached this article. 

Now I will introduce you to things that dogs enjoy and help you to become an ideal parent. 

a dog try to understandt your body smell.

Your body smell

Yes, a dog loves your (owner’s) body smell. When I first time knew that dogs love their owner’s body smell, I was a bit surprised too. After research, I realized that it is true. 

Dogs have a more sensitive nose than ours. They can associate smell with place and stuff like humans. They can recognize associated stinks easily. That’s why many police forces around the world use dogs for search and rescue. 

Next time when you need to leave your dog alone, give it your worn cloth or something like that. Your smell will give your dog some comfort in the absence of you. The stinker the garment will be, the result would be that good. 

a dog running in he filed inside a woman stand.

Walking outside and physical activity

A street dog’s favorite thing is food, but a pet dog’s favorite thing is a leash walk. The dog is a curious creature, and they have innate energy (energy amount varies depending on the dog breed). 

No matter which dog breed is your pet, every dog breed needs physical activity for their wellbeing. Depending on the dog breed, activity requirements vary. 

Any dog won’t like to be jailed whole day in a house. Walking helps them to explore their surrounding environment, mitigate curiosity, burn out inner energy, and overcome boredom. They enjoy a walk very much. So, try to give your pups a regular walk and, if possible, mix up your walking route.

Note: For high-energy dog breeds a regular walk won’t be enough. For example, The German Shepherd dog breed. They need much more physical activity than regular walking.

a walking in the filed mourh a ball.

Dogs enjoy to do something rather than being workless

Now I want to give you a challenge. You have to be confined in a house without doing anything and bored. It is impossible to avoid boredom, right? Similarly, it is true for a family pet

A dog gets bored if it has nothing to do all day and could develop behavior issues including excessive barking, chewing, aggression, digging, etc…

But hey don’t worry! Dogy toys and challenging puzzles will help your dog to be mentally active and cheerful. 

a dog sitting down her bed in the room.

Dogs enjoy comfy Crates/beds to relax

After exercise, play, solving a hard puzzle, or for any reason they become fatigued and need some rest like humans.

Now who wants to rest in a noisy and messy place? Do you? 

Equally, your furry friend doesn’t like to take a rest or sleep in a chaotic corner of your home. Dog personal sleeping beds/crates make them feel secure. 

Give your dog a comfortable, quiet, and personal place to calm down and sleep. Proper sleep and rest are crucial for their mental and physical refreshment.

dog and man hug

Dogs hate your hug

When you are pleased with your dog or simply want to show affection, what will you do? Most people give a hug or gentle head Rub. 

But do you know dogs don’t like head scratches and hugs? Especially a hug can make a dog feel stranded and scared. 

If you want to adore your dog, you can rub their neck, shoulder, or chest. Among rubbing, dogs enjoy the most chest rubs. When you rub their chest, you would see their calmness.

One thing worth mentioning, contrary to popular belief, not all dogs love belly rubs. They enjoy more chest rubs than belly rubs.

some people sitting down in couch inside a dog.

Social Interactions

A properly socialized dog enjoys interaction with other dogs, new people, places, sights, and sounds. As I told you, dogs become bored being confined at home all day.

Sometimes take your friend to the dog park or daycare center. He/she will enjoy interaction with another dog. But be cautious when your dog interacts with other dogs to avoid any unwanted situation. Those dogs who are not properly socialized can be aggressive toward other dogs. 

If your dog is not properly socialized, then search on our website “how to socialize a dog”. A properly socialized dog means a well-behaved dog and a properly socialized dog gives peace to the owner’s mind. 

During outdoor walks or in a dog park, you won’t be anxious about any bad behaviors of your dog knowing that your dog is properly socialized

And you won’t have to feel any shyness or guilty due to your dog’s bad behavior. 

a doh cheek her pee smell in the field.

Dogs like to check their Pee-media

It may sound funny, but pee is a kind of social media for dogs. They communicate with each other via pee’s odor. 

When you go for a leash walk or in a dog park, you will notice that your dog is sniffing a spot and then urinating in the same spot or adjacent spot. By sniffing the spot, he/she is unveiling another dog massage, and by peeing they are leaving their own message for other dogs.

Don’t interrupt when they are scrolling (sniffing) their pee-media, let them know what message other dogs have left for him/her. Dogs enjoy scrolling their own social media. 

dog man, and woman sing a song with a giter on the bed in the room.


Yes, dogs enjoy calm music, though they don’t understand what the singer is saying. Now a question can arise in your mind, if a dog doesn’t understand what the singer is saying, then how a dog can enjoy music? 

Well, the answer is simple, calm music arouses their senses and helps them to settle down for a moment. So next time when you need to cool off your friend a little bit, you can try soothe-music. 

a dog and girls stand in the filed.

Dogs love treats from their owner

Besides a regular diet, sometimes give your dog their favorite food. A sudden treat will make your furry friend’s day different. 

Moreover, every dog needs some basic training to live a happy life together with its owner, for example, potty training, socialization, leash-walk, obedience training, etc… When you give your puppy, those basic training try positive reinforcement training. 

Positive reinforcement means instead of punishing undesired behaviors, rewarding your dog for good behavior.

When you are applying positive reinforcement training, as a reward you can use treat. (Note: Excess eating is detrimental to dog health, so control treat amount as needed) 

And of course, your happiness!

For thousands of years, dogs have been trusted friends of humans. Don’t be surprised when you are upset, your canine friend is trying to gain your attention by wagging tails, adorable gaze, and circling you. 

They are trying to say don’t worry, everything will be fine. Your dog can understand your emotions. Your happy face makes your dog happy. 

With boundless enthusiasm and loyalty, a dog brings a sort of light to our house. So, it is our duty to fulfill their physical and mental demand.

To craft this article, I have researched some trusted websites. I have tried to include all the important things from the thrill of a game to the warmth of a cozy belly rub, things that will make your dog happy. If you practice the above things, it will be good for your furry friend’s overall well-being, and you will deepen your connection with your friend.

My last call to you, if you like this content leave a comment below and practice good ownership.

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