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a red german shepherd is sitting in the field with jaws out.
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The German Shepherd is well known for its intelligence, versatility, and striking appearance. For many people, a red-colored German shepherd is more enchanting than other-colored. 

Generally, there is no physical and temperament difference between the common-colored (black and tan, sable, solid black) German Shepherd and the red-colored German Shepherd, except the color(red). But if you have further questions, let’s mitigate those questions. 

a red german shepherd is sitting in the floor .

Why you should select a red-colored German shepherd, and why not?


Selecting your puppy German Shepherd based on color is not bad. The red color adds charm to this versatile dog. But above all fact, the German Shepherd is an intelligent, vigorous, agile, and loyal dog. This dog breed is used for many tasks such as Search and rescue, police, guarding as well as a trusted family pet

Selecting a German Shepherd just based on color, and overlooking its other traits, won’t be a good practice.  

For instance, assume you want to add an eye-catching dog to your family. That’s why you have preferred a red German Shepherd puppy. But do you know the German shepherd dog is high-energetic? they need regular exercise for their well-being? Alongside, they don’t like to be alone for a long time. They could build behavioral problems including digging, aggression, chewing, and excessive barking due to long-time loneliness. 

If you and your family are busy, most of the time your house remains empty, then they won’t suit your family.  

So, in this circumstance, a toy dog may be more suitable for you. Some toy dogs breeds need less exercise, and you can leave them alone for a short period.

This article’s purpose is to remind you that selecting a dog based on its color without considering its need, is a mistake. And it may be a barrier to living a long happy life together. Besides, to give a brief overview of the red-colored German Shepherd’s nature and appearance.

Quick facts

Average Life span10 to 14 years
Weight75 to 95 pounds
Height22 to 26 inches
Colorlighter tan to a deep mahogany.
Energy levelHigh
Exercise needHigh
Behaviorloyal, determined, intelligent and friendly with family member.
With kids and other petFriendly
Human company requiredMedium
As a family dogDepends on the person’s requirement.
As a Guard dogVery good


Prompt overview behind the cause of the red color

The Red German Shepherd is not very common and uncommon. Their availability lies between common and uncommon. A specific Gene called the “e” gene is responsible for a red-colored German Shepherd. When a puppy gets the “e” gene from its parents, their coat color becomes red as they grow up.

When a puppy gets two copies of the “e” gene from both of their parents, the red color becomes vibrant. On the other hand, if a puppy gets one copy of the “e” gene, from one of its parents, its red color becomes less vibrant. 

It is worth mentioning that A Red German shepherd does not mean a whole-body red dog. The Red German Shepherd typically has a dominant red color in their coat and black on the face, ears, back, and tail. 

A german shepherd is laying on a wooden banch.

Behavior of The Red-colored German Shepherd


The German Shepherd has faimousity worldwide as a Loyal, intelligent, energetic, and versatile dog. The Red-German is not an exception from other colored counterparts (black and tan, sable, and solid black). 

They go well with an active owner, and they love to do something. Before buying or adopting a Red German Shepherd, judge honestly yourself, do you have enough time to give it proper exercise. Because lack of physical exercise and mental refreshment leads them to bad temperament. As well as they are also social creatures. They don’t love to stay in a human-less house for a long time. 

Furthermore, they behave well with other pets and small children, specifically when they are socialized in their puppyhood. But we advise supervising the interaction of the dog between kids and the small pet. Because like humans every single dog has a different character. 

Without wasting your valuable time let’s end this Article here. If you want to know more about the Red-colored German Shepherds, then search for typical German Shepherd content on our web homepages search menu bar (there you will find comprehensive details about German Shepherds) or in Google, as you wish. 

For the last time, remind you, there is no physical and temperament difference between a normal German shepherd and a red-colored German Shepherd.

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