Are Corgis Good With Cats? – You Must Need to Know

the cat is sitting on the dog stomach.
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The internet loves corgis. Their short legs, fluffy butts, and goofy grins melt hearts worldwide. But can these herding dogs peacefully coexist with the independent felines we call cats? Like most things in life, the answer is dependent on the situation. But fear not, corgi and cat enthusiasts, for we’ll delve deeper than your average blog post to explore the nuances of this furry friendship.

First, let’s address the stats

  • A survey by the American Kennel Club found that 68% of corgi owners reported their dogs getting along well with cats. However, 25% mentioned their corgi having a strong prey drive towards cats.
  • A study published in the journal “Applied Animal Behaviour Science” revealed that early socialization with cats was crucial for positive dog-cat interactions. Puppies exposed to cats before 3 months old were more likely to develop tolerance.

the cat is sitting on the dog stomach.

Understanding Corgis and Cats


Corgis, with their adorable stature and playful demeanor, are popular breeds among dog lovers. Similarly, cats charm their way into our hearts with their grace and charm. Corgis are herding dogs by nature, and they may exhibit some herding instincts when they interact with cats.

This can include nipping at the cat’s heels or trying to round them up. While this behavior is not necessarily aggressive, it can be overwhelming for some cats. However, when it comes to introducing these pets, it’s essential to understand their dynamics.

Corgis: The Energetic Companions


a Pembroke Welsh Corgi looking with the tongueCorgis, known for their distinctive appearance with short legs, long bodies, and expressive faces, are a beloved breed among dog enthusiasts. They originate from Wales and were historically bred as herding dogs, prized for their agility, intelligence, and tenacity.Corgis are renowned for their outgoing and friendly nature, often forming strong bonds with their human families.

They possess an innate sense of curiosity and enthusiasm for exploration, making them delightful companions for outdoor adventures and indoor relaxation alike. Corgis thrive on social interaction and enjoy being part of a pack, whether comprised of humans or other animals.

Cats: The Independent Explorers


Cat stand on the wall.Cats, with their graceful movements, sleek coats, and captivating eyes, embody an aura of mystery and independence. Domestic cats are descendants of wild felines and retain many of their ancestral instincts, including hunting and territorial behaviors. Despite their reputation for aloofness, cats form deep attachments to their human caregivers and exhibit affection in their own unique ways.

Cats value their autonomy and appreciate having spaces where they can retreat and observe their surroundings from a safe vantage point. While they may not be as overtly expressive as dogs, cats communicate through body language, vocalizations, and subtle gestures, allowing attentive owners to understand their needs and preferences.

Statistics paint a partial picture. While the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists found that early socialization increases successful introductions (63% for puppies vs. 39% for adults), understanding the inherent nature of each species is crucial. Corgis, bred to herd sheep, possess strong chase instincts and boundless energy, potentially viewing a cat as a furry bowling pin in need of wrangling.

Cats, independent and territorial, crave control over their environment. A rambunctious corgi can disrupt their zen, leading to stress and potential conflict.

a dog and cat sitting on the sofa.

Corgis and Cats Interaction


When considering the dynamics between Corgis and cats, it’s essential to recognize the differences in their temperaments and communication styles. Corgis, with their playful and sociable nature, may eagerly approach cats with curiosity and enthusiasm.

Cats, however, may initially view Corgis with caution, preferring to assess the situation from a distance before warming up to their canine counterparts.

Understanding these initial reactions is crucial for facilitating positive interactions between Corgis and cats.

Cats and Corgis Coexistence


Creating a harmonious environment where Corgis and cats can coexist requires patience, supervision, and gradual introductions. Slowly acclimating both pets to each other’s presence allows them to become familiar with one another’s scents, sounds, and behaviors. Providing separate spaces for each pet to retreat ensures they have areas where they can feel safe and secure.

Positive reinforcement techniques, such as rewarding calm behavior and gentle interactions, encourage Corgis and cats to associate each other’s company with positive experiences. With time and understanding, Corgis and cats can develop mutual respect and even form close bonds based on trust and companionship.

Expert Tip


Many people may be tempted to let their animals sort it out for themselves, but this is not conducive to building positive relationships with one other. Rather than attempting to mend a broken connection, it is far preferable to oversee a controlled introduction process.

– Nicky Trevorrow, Cat Behavourist

Benefits of Having Corgis and Cats Together


The benefits of having corgis and cats together include companionship, entertainment, and enrichment for both animals. Having both corgis and cats under one roof can bring about a myriad of benefits, enriching the lives of both pets and their human companions.

While each species possesses distinct characteristics, their coexistence can foster harmony and create a dynamic household environment filled with love, laughter, and companionship.

  • Companionship and emotional support: Corgis and cats offer unconditional love and companionship to their human counterparts. With their playful demeanor and affectionate nature, Corgis provide endless opportunities for bonding and emotional support. Cats, with their independent spirit and soothing presence, offer a sense of calm and comfort to those around them.

Together, they form a support system that enhances the well-being of their human companions, providing solace during challenging times and companionship during moments of joy.

  • Entertainment and playfulness: The playful interactions between Corgis and cats can bring boundless joy and entertainment to the household. Whether it’s a game of chase around the house or a friendly wrestling match, their dynamic interactions provide endless amusement for both pets and humans alike.

Watching their playful antics can uplift spirits and create lasting memories that brighten even the dullest of days.

  • Encourages exercise and physical activity: Corgis, known for their energetic nature and love for outdoor activities, encourage physical exercise and outdoor adventures. Their playful demeanor motivates their feline companions to join in the fun, fostering a healthy and active lifestyle for both pets.

From brisk walks around the neighborhood to spirited games of fetch in the backyard, Corgis and cats together inspire their human companions to embrace a more active lifestyle and enjoy the benefits of regular exercise.

  • Promotes socialization and bonding: The presence of both Corgis and cats in the household promotes socialization and bonding among family members. Shared experiences such as caring for pets, playing together, and observing their interactions foster a sense of unity and strengthen familial bonds.

Whether it’s cuddling on the couch with a beloved pet or engaging in playful activities as a family, the presence of Corgis and cats creates opportunities for meaningful connections and shared memories.

  • Enhances mental stimulation and cognitive development: Interacting with both Corgis and cats stimulates mental activity and cognitive development in humans. From learning about different breeds and animal behaviors to understanding the importance of empathy and compassion, caring for pets offers valuable life lessons and promotes emotional intelligence.

Additionally, engaging in training exercises and enrichment activities with Corgis and cats encourages problem-solving skills and fosters a sense of responsibility among pet owners.

Beyond the Numbers: Deeper Dives


Now, let’s move beyond percentages and explore the factors influencing corgi-cat compatibility:

  • Individuality Matters: Like humans, each corgi and cat has a unique personality. A laid-back corgi raised with kittens might become best buds, while a high-energy herder with strong chase instincts could pose a threat to a timid cat. Consider both pets’ temperaments before introducing them.
  • Age is a Factor: Kittens are generally more adaptable than adult cats, while puppies are easier to train than grown dogs. Introducing a corgi puppy to a kitten increases the chances of a harmonious relationship.
  • Introduction is Key: Gradual and controlled introductions are essential. Start with separate spaces, allowing them to scent-swap through barriers. Supervised interactions on neutral ground come next, with positive reinforcement for calm behavior.
  • Training is Your Ally: Both corgis and cats benefit from training. Teach your corgi basic commands like “leave it” and “gentle” to redirect chasing urges. Positive reinforcement training for both pets fosters mutual respect.
  • Respect Their Needs: Provide separate spaces for each pet, including food bowls, litter boxes, and hiding spots. This caters to their individual needs and reduces potential conflicts.

With dedication and understanding, corgis and cats can not only coexist but thrive in the same household. Remember, these furry friends might surprise you with their unlikely friendships, bringing joy and laughter to your home.

So, open your heart (and your home) to the possibility of a corgi-cat cuddle puddle – you might just be amazed at the cuteness overload!

Can Corgis and Cats Become Friends?

a dog and cat are looking at the butterfly above.

Many pet owners wonder whether corgis and cats can form meaningful friendships. Can Corgis and cats be friends? Yes, they can! While Corgis are social and energetic, and cats are independent, fostering a friendship between them is possible. It requires patience, gradual introductions, and positive reinforcement. Understanding their instincts and providing designated spaces for each pet can help create a harmonious environment.

While every relationship is unique, with time and effort, Corgis and cats can indeed become the best of friends, enriching each other’s lives with love and companionship.



Corgis and cats, a duo seemingly destined for discord, can in fact become unlikely companions. While statistics offer a starting point, understanding their inherent natures and implementing a multi-pronged approach are key.

Early and supervised introductions, respecting individual personalities, creating separate yet enriching spaces, and channeling energy through proper stimulation pave the way for a symphony of swishes and wags.

The internet might erupt in cuteness overload, but the true reward lies in the unique bond that transcends the perceived differences, proving that harmony can blossom even in the most unexpected places.

So, let the song of your corgi-cat duo begin, a melody filled with playful chases, shared naps, and the comforting purrs that melt away any doubt. After all, who says friendship can’t come in the most adorable, unlikely package?



Do Corgis and cats typically get along?

Corgis and cats can coexist peacefully with proper introductions and socialization. However, individual personalities and past experiences play a significant role in their relationship.

How can I help my Corgi and cat bond?

Encourage positive interactions through supervised play sessions, treats, and gradual introductions. Be patient and allow them to establish their own rhythm.

What if my Corgi and cat don't get along?

If conflicts arise, separate the pets and seek guidance from a professional trainer or behaviorist. Patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement are key to resolving conflicts.

Can Corgis and cats share food and water bowls?

It’s best to provide separate feeding stations for Corgis and cats to prevent resource guarding and conflicts over food.

How do I prevent jealousy between my Corgi and cat?

Ensure each pet receives individual attention, affection, and playtime to prevent feelings of jealousy or rivalry.

Is it safe to leave my Corgi and cat unsupervised?

Until you’re confident in their relationship, it’s advisable to supervise interactions between Corgis and cats to prevent accidents or conflicts.

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