50 Rabbits Coat Colors and Patterns (With Pictures)

Rabbit coat color tri colored
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Have you ever wondered why rabbits come in all sorts of cool coat colors and patterns? 

Rabbits come in a rainbow of coat colors and patterns, from fluffy white to sleek black and everything in between. This blog is your ultimate guide to understanding the wonders of rabbit fur!

We’ll dive into the different color options, from classic black and brown to unique shades like lilac and chinchilla. We’ll also explore cool patterns like spots, stripes, and even harlequin markings!

Rabbits With Unique And Beautiful Coat Colors And Patterns

rabbit coat color agouti

1. Agouti


This coat, like wild rabbits’, features tipped hairs with alternating bands of color, creating a beautiful, speckled effect.

rabbit stand in grass fields.

2. Albino


Unlike most rabbits, albinos have a pure white coat caused by a lack of pigment, and their eyes appear pink or red due to visible blood vessels.

a rabbit chawing hay in room.

3. Black


This classic color features a solid, jet-black coat throughout the body, with matching black eyes for a sleek and striking appearance.

A rabbit stand in the fields.

4. Blue


Rabbits come in a stunning range of blue tones, from light, sky blue to a deeper slate blue. The shades are beautiful.

a rabbit sitting down in road.

5. Blue Steel


This unique coat combines a beautiful blue base with subtle flecks of silver or tan, creating a shimmering, almost metallic effect.

rabbits sitting down

6. Blue Otter


This captivating coat showcases a blue base adorned with fawn-colored tips on the longer guard hairs, creating a delightful contrast.

a rabbits eating food.

7. Brindle


Unlike most rabbit coats, this unique pattern features two colors, one dark and the other light, intermingled throughout the body, creating a fascinating marbled effect.

a broken color rabbits sitting down in floor.

8. Broken 


This pattern takes a solid color like agouti and adds patches of white, most commonly seen on the face, chest, and legs.

a rabbit stand in the fileds.

9. Broken Rex


This combines the plush, velvety fur of the Rex breed with the broken pattern of white patches, creating a unique and adorable look.

Blue tortoiseshell rabbits stand in the fields.

10. Blue tortoiseshell


This striking coat features a patchwork of blue and beige, similar to the classic tortoiseshell but with a cooler blue tone.

rabbits sitting down

11. Black Otter Rex


This breed combines the luxurious, short fur of a Rex rabbit with the captivating blue base and fawn tipping of the otter pattern.

chocolate color rabbit sitting down in floor.

12. Chocolate 


This warm and inviting coat showcases a rich, deep brown throughout the body, complemented by matching brown eyes for a truly delightful look.

Chocolate steel rabbit sitting down.

13. Chocolate steel 


This captivating coat merges a rich chocolate base with subtle flecks of tan or silver, creating a shimmering effect similar to blue steel but with warmer tones.

two Chocolate tortoiseshell rabbits sitting down in bed.

14. Chocolate tortoiseshell


This unique coat features a patchwork of creamy chocolate and fawn, resembling the classic tortoiseshell but with a warm, chocolatey twist.

Chocolate agouti rabbit stand

15. Chocolate agouti 


This coat, similar to the wild rabbit, features alternating bands of tan and chocolate on each hair, with a chestnut-colored tip, creating a beautiful, multi-toned effect.

Cinnamon color rabbit sitting down in grass fileds.

16. Cinnamon


This warm and vibrant coat boasts a rich, reddish-brown throughout the body, with matching brown eyes for a truly captivating appearance.

Chinchilla color rabbits sitting down a floor.

17. Chinchilla


This luxurious coat features darker fur at the base with each hair tipped in a stunning silver, creating a beautiful, shimmering effect.

Californian color two rabbits eating food.

18. Californian 


This breed stands out with its snow-white body contrasted by striking black markings on the ears, nose, feet, and tail, creating a unique and recognizable look.

Cream rabbit stand in floor.

19. Cream


A soft and elegant coat, featuring a light, creamy color throughout the body with pink eyes that add to its gentle charm.

castor color rabbit sitting down in cloth.

20. Castor


This intriguing coat boasts a layered effect, with brown fur on top, a slate blue undercoat, and a band of orange or red sandwiched in between, creating a truly unique and captivating look.

Dutch Marked Rex rabbit laying down in cloth.

21. Dutch Marked Rex


Rex fur with Dutch markings, combining the plush, short fur with the distinctive white and colored patches for a unique and adorable look.

dutch marking color rabbit laying down in room.

22. Dutch Marking


This breed is known for its eye-catching pattern featuring distinct markings on the face, back, and legs, often with a contrasting color combination.

english spot color rabbit stand in fields.

23. English Spot 


This breed captivates with its spotted coat, featuring distinct markings like a butterfly nose marking, eye circles, and a chain of spots along the body.

 colors rabbit stand in snow .

24. Fawn


This coat showcases a soft, light brown shade, often featuring subtle areas of darker brown for added depth and dimension.

frosty color rabbit sitting down in fields.

25. Frosty


This charming coat combines pure white fur with contrasting colored markings on the face, ears, and feet, creating a delightful and playful look.

gray color rabbits sitting down in fields.

26. Gray


This captivating coat isn’t just one color, but a fascinating blend of three shades: black, black with a tan tip, and black with a tan band, layered over a slate undercoat, creating a rich and complex appearance.

 light gray rabbits stand in fields.

27. Light gray


This lighter take on the agouti pattern features a base of slate blue, followed by an off-white band and a light gray tip, with black-tipped guard hairs adding subtle definition.

harlequin rabbit stand in the fields.

28. Harlequin 


This striking pattern showcases a predominantly white coat adorned with distinct patches of color on the head, body, and legs, creating a bold and eye-catching contrast.

himalayan color rabbit sitting down in floor.

29. Himalayan


This iconic breed features a pure white body with darker “points” on the ears, nose, feet, and tail, complemented by beautiful blue eyes.

liac steel color rabbit sitting down in floor.

30. Lilac Steel


This captivating coat takes a soft, lilac base and adds subtle flecks of tan or silver, creating a shimmering effect similar to chocolate steel but with cooler tones.

Lilac rabbits sitting down.

31. Lilac


This charming coat showcases a gentle, pinkish pale gray throughout the body, offering a unique and elegant look.

two lynx color rabbits stand in floor.

32. Lynx 


This coat resembles the wild lynx, featuring the agouti pattern with added darker markings on the face, ears, and legs for a distinctive wild look.

opal color rabbit stand in the fields.

33. Opal


This captivating coat showcases the agouti pattern in a lighter form with a subtle, iridescent blueish sheen, adding a touch of magic to the rabbit’s fur.

orange color rabbits stand in grass fields.

34. Orange


This eye-catching coat boasts a vibrant, bright orange throughout the body, complemented by pink eyes for a truly unique and sunny personality.

rex xolor rabbits sitting down in floor.

35. Rex


This breed stands out for its plush, velvety fur that comes in a wide variety of colors, creating a unique and luxurious look.

Seal color rabbit sitting down in floor.

36. Seal


This coat mimics the fur of a seal, featuring a solid black topcoat with a rich brown undercoat that adds depth and dimension.

sable color rabbit satnd in road.

37. Sable


This coat showcases a rich, dark grayish brown throughout the body, offering a sophisticated and elegant look.

Rabbit coat color sable martin

38. Sable marten


This unique coat resembles the fur of a sable marten, featuring a Siamese-like color scheme of dark brown on the face, ears, legs, and tail contrasted with a lighter, silver-tipped body, creating a captivating and luxurious appearance.

Rabbit coat color sable point

39. Sable Point 


This pattern features a cream-colored body with contrasting “points” of a richer, sable brown on the nose, feet, ears, and tail, creating a similar look to the Himalayan but with warmer tones.

Rabbit coat color siamese sable stand in grasses.

40. Siamese sable


This striking coat resembles a Siamese cat, featuring a rich sepia brown throughout the body with even darker brown “points” on the nose, ears, feet, and tail.

Rabbit coat color silver fox

41. Silver Fox 


This coat replicates the stunning fur of a silver fox, featuring tipped hairs with a dazzling silvery sheen, creating an elegant and sophisticated look.

Sandy color rabbits laying down.

42. Sandy


This warm and welcoming coat showcases a rich, reddish tan color throughout the body, offering a gentle and earthy feel.

Rabbit coat color smoke pearl

43. Smoke Pearl 


This enchanting coat features the agouti pattern in a lighter shade with an iridescent, pearly sheen, adding a touch of elegance and luminescence.

Rabbit coat color solid

44. Solid 


This classic coat features a single, dominant color evenly distributed throughout the entire body, creating a sleek and uniform look.

Rabbit coat color tan

45. Tan 


This bi-colored coat features a lighter base color like cream or white, with darker shading on the back, flanks, and head, creating a beautiful contrast and depth.

Rabbit coat color thrianta

46. Thrianta


This striking coat boasts a vibrant, solid red throughout the body, making a bold and unmistakable statement.

Tortoise color rabbits

47. Tortoise


This captivating coat, more common in females, features a patchwork of orange with black, blue, chocolate, or lilac, creating a unique and mesmerizing pattern similar to tortoiseshell cats.

Rabbit coat color ticking

48. Ticking


This refers to the presence of flecks or spots of color on the lighter areas of a coat, typically seen in breeds like agouti or broken. These “ticks” can be solid or tipped guard hairs, adding a unique speckled effect to the overall appearance.

Tan Pattern color rabbit stand

49. Tan Pattern


This bi-colored pattern features a lighter base color like cream or white, with darker shading concentrated on the back, flanks, and head, creating a striking contrast and a distinct “tan” appearance.

Rabbit coat color tri colored

50. Tri-colored


The Rabbits with these color variations have mixes of three colors on their fur. Mostly black, orange, and white.

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