Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples?

Guinea Pigs Eat Apple
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Does the guinea pig’s irresistible charm tempt you to share your snacks (in this case apples)? And in the back of your mind, you are hesitant about whether apples are safe for them.  

If you face this kind of dilemma then you are in the right place. 

In this article, we are going to answer this question based on scientific information.  


Are Apples Safe for Guinea Pigs to Eat?


Yes, apples are generally safe for guinea pigs, but they should be given as an occasional treat. Apples contain sugar which is detrimental to guinea pigs’ health, so overfeeding can lead to health issues. 


Offer apples Twice per week, at once two slices of an average-sized apple should be sufficient for them. 


Besides, apples are not only safe for them but also nutritious and beneficial for their health. 


Apples Nutrients that Contribute to Guinea Pig’s Health


  • Vitamin C:  Apples contain 4.6 mg of vitamin C per 100 g, which is essential for guinea pigs’ bone, teeth, and tissue development. However, since guinea pigs lack the necessary enzymes in their stomach to produce vitamin C, adding vitamin C-rich foods into their diet is crucial.


  • Fiber: Apple contains 2.4g of fiber per 100g of apple. Fiber helps their digestive system to function properly. 


  • Other nutrients: Apples also provide a variety of other nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, B-complex, iron, magnesium, etc. Which is not significant enough to discuss separately but they also contribute to guinea pigs’ health.   


Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apple Peel, Seeds, and Core?


The peel of apples is safe for guinea pigs; in fact, certain nutrients are more concentrated in the peel than the flesh. 


However, the question remains: can guinea pigs eat apple seeds and cores? The opinions on this matter may vary depending on who you ask.


Some people tend to not feed apples seed and core. Because apple seeds contain cyanide which is toxic to guinea pigs. Besides they are concerned that apple seeds may cause a choking hazard.


But other people feed apples core with seeds. And I consent to them. The amount of cyanide present in apple seeds is very small and this little amount of cyanide very unlikely to cause any harm to guinea pigs. In addition to, the risk of choking from an apple seed is minimal.


If one is worried about that apple seeds can cause a choking hazard, then he/she can’t feed any other normal food due to his/her fear. Because other common guinea pig foods like hay and pellets also pose choking risks. 


Bad Effects of Feeding Apple


Feeding apples to guinea pigs is safe, with no adverse effects as long as you avoid overfeeding them.


Ok, Apple is Safe for Them, but Do they Like it? 


Typically, most guinea pigs enjoy apples. But like us, they have unique preferences, so some may don’t like Apple.


Can Baby Guinea Pigs Eat Apples? 


Apples are rich in natural sugars, which can be detrimental to the health of guinea pigs. Therefore, if you intend to treat your baby guinea pigs with apples, it’s crucial to be extremely cautious about avoiding overfeeding. 

Offer a tiny piece of apple to baby guinea pigs on rare occasions. 

However, it’s a better choice not to feed apples, rather than to be overly cautious about overfeeding.




Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cooked Apples?

People enjoy apples in various forms, such as cooked, frozen, canned, sauced, and stews. However, not all of these forms are safe for guinea pigs. As herbivores, guinea pigs should only be given fresh, natural apples.

How Much to Feed Apples to Guinea Pigs?

Give your guinea pig apples twice a week, offering two slices from a standard-sized apple each time as a treat.

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