The Liver Colored German Shepherd Puppies

a german shepherd in a field with a human hand on head.
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Neither the Liver-colored German shepherd Puppies is an alien dog, nor a compound breed of well-known German shepherd

They are the same German shepherd dog breed that we all know. Just the rare and attractive liver color brings them famousity from other general German shepherds. A Liver-colored German shepherd Puppies retains all the behavior and physical traits of the typical German shepherd. 

A recessive gene is behind the scenes of the rare Liver colored German shepherd Puppies. When both German shepherd’s parents carry this recessive gene, there is a probability that their puppy can be liver-colored. 

If you go outdoors with this scarce colored-German shepherd, you will feel spotlight on your dog. You will hear whispers of people walking by. (Wow! Nice color, is this a chocolate-colored dog? Etc…) 

Ok, Let’s now explore A to Z-related facts about Liver-colored German shepherd Puppies’ step by step.

Genetic Cause of Liver-Colored


A recessive gene named the B locus is the culprit substant, Due to this gene you can have a Liver/chocolate-colored enchanting German shepherd.

Wait, did I call the B locust gene a culprit? Sorry! actually, this recessive gene (B locus) is a heroic gene. Due to this gene, we can see the rare, attractive Liver-colored German shepherd Puppies. 

It is not essential that a puppy’s parent must be Livered-colored to give birth to a liver-colored offspring, they just have to carry the B locus gene to create a probability of giving birth to a Livered-colored German shepherd puppy. (Note: it just creates probability, it is not inevitable that the B locus gene carried parent will give birth to Livered colored puppy).

When a puppy gets the B locus gene from both of their parents, they become livered-colored. In rare cases, a puppy gets the B locus gene from both of their parents. So, a livered-colored German shepherd is more uncommon than a typical black and tan German Shepherd.

a german shepherd is sitting in a field with a red ball in mouth.

Temperament of Liver colored German Shepherd


In a sentence, there is no difference in temperament between a normal German Shepherd and a Liver-Colored German Shepherd. Even, there is no physical difference between a normal German Shepherd and a chocolate German Shepherd. The only difference is the color.

  • Liver German Shepherd with Family: Like other normal German shepherds, Liver colored German shepherds are very loyal and affectionate toward the owner and owner’s family.

Besides, they are very protective. If you face a threat, they will protect you with unwavering effort. This instinct has made them a very good watchdog. Many countries use them as police and rescue dogs. 

Though they are very good family dogs, one thing to be noted, due to their high energy, they need regular exercise and mental stimulation. 

This dog breed is not good for a busy family. If you leave them alone for a long time, they will develop bad behavior for example excessive barking, aggression, and chewing. 

  • Liver German Shepherd with kids: A liver German shepherd is gentle with kids. Especially when they are early socialized in their puppyhood. Properly socialized Liver German shepherd can be a very good friend of your kids. But You should monitor when your kids play with it. Because every single dog has its distinct characteristics.  
  • Liver German Shepherd with other pets: To adapt with other dogs and pets, early socialization is important for German shepherd. An early socialized German shepherd enjoys other pet company. But like kids, you should supervise their interaction with small pets. 

If you want further information about Liver colored German Shepherd Behavior, then seek the general German shepherd Article on our website. Where you will found comprehensive information on German Shepherd behavior.  Between a Livered-colored German shepherd and a common German shepherd, there is no temperament difference

a german shepherd in a field with a human hand on head.

Popularity and Rarity


When you go shopping, what will you seek? A distinct and beautiful garment, right? Because a distinct and good-looking garment will make you look attractive. And you will notice, a distinct and beautiful dress is also very costly. 

Well, this is also true for a Liver-colored German Shepherd. The distinct and attractive feature has made the liver German Shepherd popular and expensive. I have told you, for genetic reasons a Liver-colored German Shepherd is rare. Besides their Liver color is also very gorgeous. Everyone will be staring at you and your adorable buddy when you go outside or to a dog park. 

For those who looking for a different and charming-looking dog, the liver-colored is one of the top choices for them.

Exercise Needs


The German Shepherd’s history is primarily intertwined with herding. Due to their high energy, intelligence, versatility, and agility, they were later used as police, search, rescue, and as trusted pets. If you want to make a German Shepherd pet, you will need to give them plenty of exercise.

If you leave them alone and don’t give them regular exercise, their high energy won’t burn out. As a result, behavior problems including aggression, chewing, digging, and barking will prevail.

Grooming a Liver German Shepherd


For the well-being, Grooming or cleaning your dog is important. The typical rules of grooming are…


Once a month

Hair brushing

Two to three times a week

Nail trim

As it need

Teeth Brushing

One to two times a week


Note: You have to accept a lot of hair in your home, from clothes to furniture. Because a German sheds heavily during the shedding season and lightly throughout the year. But you can reduce the amount of hair in your house by regular brushing.

Liver German Shepherd Diet 


A German Shepherd’s diet depends on its age, size, and lifestyle. Normally an adult German Shepherd needs two meals a day, per meal 1 cup of quality dry food. On the other hand, a puppy may need 3-4 times high-calorie low-protein food. (Note: High protein food contributes to the rapid growth of puppies. And rapid growth increases the chance of bone density problems.) 

It is best to seek advice from a veterinarian on how much you should feed your dog. 

Common Disease of Liver German Shepherd


Normally a Liver German Shepherd’s sickness affected chance is very low, like their counterpart (Typical German Shepherd). But like other dog breeds, the German Shepherd is also prone to certain types of health problems. For example, Hip and elbow dysplasia, Degenerative Myelopathy, Gastric Dilation (Bloat).

The German shepherd is an established energetic, intelligent, and loyal dog breed. The Liver color adds charm to them. If you are thinking of adding a Liver-colored German Shepherd to your family, then consider your limitation and their demand. A German Shepherd needs regular exercise and mental excitement to mitigate their excessive energy.  A responsible owner should fulfill their exercise, food, and other necessities. By fulfilling their physical and mental demand, you and your dog can live a happy life together.

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