What Fruits Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

Safe and Healthy Fruits for Guinea Pigs
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Guinea pigs are cute little herbivores, and it is worth noting that their natural diet should consist of a high percentage of plant-based foods. As a good guinea pig owner, one should make sure that their little fur buddy is fed a combination of nutrients right away so that their teeth do not get overly big, and they aren’t scared of anything. 

The main course should be hay, in the form of timothy or orchard hay, which should comprise from 70% to 80% of the daily combination. As your substance ferments in your pet guinea pig’s belly, it will not only help the criticism run smoothly but will also keep your piggy’s teeth from getting too big by sincerely wearing them down. 

Of course, hay is the main dish but let’s turn the whole meal into a feast with a variety of fresh vegetables and, on some occasions, fruits that will provide much-needed vitamins for your guinea pig, and guinea pig will appreciate it. I have already mentioned that fruits are for special occasions because they contain a lot of sugar. Hence, let us start the virtual tour through the wonderful world of fruits that will keep your guinea pig happy.

Safe and Healthy Fruits for Guinea Pigs

1. Apples (with skin)

ApplesApple treats would be great for your piggy, to add in vitamin C and fiber to maintain their health. 

However, in this case, they’re also more packaged into sugar, hence, only very tiny size, with peels on, is fine to have not more than 2 times a week. It will ensure that these wonderful pets can feast on this great-tasting snack without any digestive issues.

2. Strawberries

StrawberriesConcerning strawberries, they are another savory thing that your pet can enjoy and indulge in. They come up with a trove of Vitamin C and antioxidants, which help enhance the immunity of your guinea pig. 

On the other hand, note that fruits are indeed high in sugar, so try not to exceed the recommended number of 2-3 berries. Such will present your guinea pig with the chance of having healthy food without digestive problems developing.

3. Blueberries

BlueberriesGuinea pigs may find blueberries, a small source of many micronutrients, to get a power boost. These are filled with anti-oxidants and fibrous components, and that renders them healthy for your little friends.

Nevertheless, the sugars in fruit are too much, so only 2-3 servings once or twice every week should be what you provide. This way guinea pigs of yours will not be faced with any stress related to digestive problems after eating this tasty meal. 

4. Raspberries

RaspberriesThe raspberry is one of many fruits that your guinea pig will adore. It is also a great source of vitamins and nutrients at the same time. They are just indeed a great source of vitamin C as well as fiber which are essential for the healthy condition of your guinea pig. 

However, do mind that fruits are sweet, so you will have to monitor your sugar. Delineate them to a few berry portions that you can offer twice or thrice per week. The berries can come in different forms; They are primarily for humans. You can introduce these healthy treats by providing your cavy with this juicy snack while ensuring no digestive upsets. 

5. Banana

BananaA little portion (like a small piece) of the ripe banana peel which is added to your pig’s diet will be a healthy treat. 

Although potatoes contain a lot of potassium and vitamin C, it allows them to have fun seeing what variety and excitement taste like. Renowned for its soft and sweet taste, Whiskers must be binge-eating to make those furry ears of his unstoppable squeak. 

6. Blackberries

BlackberriesBlackberries are one more amazing choice for your guinea pig to try as a snack sometimes. 

They are like little gems containing vitamins and antioxidants which are more than needed for your furry friend’s health. Moreover, they’re just going to dig into those sweet flavors and that cheerful bite. 

7. Cranberries

CranberriesWhether sweet or sour, Guinea pigs love cranberries as they are a special treat for them. Have you tried them? 

Besides the rich contents of vitamin C, these juicy berries are useful for urinary tract health also. Not only will they provide your guinea pig with some visual stimulation, but they will also add a few new flavors and textures, making breaks more interesting.

8. Kiwi

KiwiKiwis are vitamin-loaded fruits full of fiber that help improve the guinea pig’s digestive tract as well as protect the immune system. 

Why not introduce this peculiar fruit as a mouth-watering novelty item for your pet? But do not forget to make the slices tiny like many dimes to prevent the acidity from natural fruity kiwi from troubling the tummy. 

9. Papaya

PapayaGuinea pigs love papayas as they are a superfood that has vitamins and antioxidants and they are the ultimate wealth for guinea pig health.

This refreshing fruit brings along a wondrous taste sensation and gives your dog’s food a nice color pop. As low as one canyon slice will make them smile and feel the sunshine of the Caribbean islands. 

10. Cantaloupe

CantaloupeCantaloupe is one example of a hydrating treat that would keep your guinea pig happy. One of the most important and delicious fruits is the orange. 

It contains a high amount of Vitamin C which is vital for their health. For your dog, the sweet, melon after-taste will be a wonderful, unexpected treat. All you have to do is give a small diced piece, which is about the size of a dime, to keep the positive story going. 

11. Honeydew Melon

Honeydew MelonHoneydew melon is a way to cool down the diet of your guinea pig and increase their level of comfort. 

This delicious bit of the fruit provides some hydration and vitamin C and has a mild, sweet taste your dog loves so much! Making the cube of a dime, you are not only getting a healthy snack but also helping to de-stress. 

12. Watermelon

WatermelonWatermelon is as much an essential food item for guinea pigs as any other pet animal in the summer. This super-moisturizing fruit makes a flavorful and even more vitamin C-rich snack than regular fruit snacks. 

The bright red color will make their snack time more exciting, and the fun fruit flavor in the gummy will be a nice touch too.

13. Guava

GuavaThe presence of guava gives some of the taste of the tropics in the diet of the guinea pig. 

This is a seasonal fruit, with every piece of it offering not only vitamin C but also beta carotene that the body converts to vitamin A for good vision. The delicious color and incredible flavor will be a fun adventure for your pet while rushing to its treat time. 

14. Pear

PearPears are a good amount of fiber that can be a support for your guinea pig’s good digestion. 

This sweet morsel can be a healthy and tasty snack option they can enjoy. Now, after you’ve given them a regular-sized portion once, simply cut a skinless slice the size of a dime if you want to continue treating them. 

15. Peach

PeachPeaches are a summer symbol of joy for your guinea pig. This furry fruit will now help their digestion I hope but will also bring them a tasty sugar punch that they’ll enjoy! Just remember to throw away the pit and provide no more than a peppercorn-sized part to ensure not overfeed them. 

16. Apricot

ApricotApricots are orange-looking delights that are full of vitamins and fiber you will have a juicy snack for your guinea pig that will certainly provide a different alternative to the usual diet. 

Do not forget a morsel as small as a seed bigger than a pea without its peel is all that one needs to make dining time a fun learning time and a nutritious delight. 

17. Pineapple

PineapplePineapples are precisely a tropical spiky in-betweener. An important source of vitamins, they also…help in digestion by containing bromelain, an enzyme. 

The sweet taste, no doubt, will do you great. But keep in mind not to consume a lot. A small portion, the size of a pea, once or twice a week, will be just good enough to avoid uncomfortable tummy problems. 

18. Grapes

GrapesDue to their high degree of sugar, seedless grapes of any color are sweeties that your guinea pig can enjoy. In addition, they are particularly flavorful and can also spice up your diet with some vitamin content. You just need to keep in mind that only a little is even as low as a single blueberry- to not become a big deal here but keep it fun and healthy as a treat. 

19. Mango

MangoMango is that little edge that gives your guinea pig’s treat time a slice of exotic and wild. Being filled with a fine sweetness, this fruit is a really good snack option for all people.  

It also adds vitamins to your body. This is their texture; a soft one that is easy for them to enjoy, and it will add a festive touch of bright-colored color to their bowl. 

20. Starfruit

StarfruitStarfruit, reflecting its amusing star shape, is not only full of taste but also creates a visual thrill for your pester. 

Wild purple mangosteen is a delight for every foodie as its taste is pure heaven and this super fruit packs in some vitamins as well, making special to eat time fun. The easily-penetrable flesh is what they love about it and the vibrant color will be fun for them to have in their bowl. 

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